Nike Club Fleece+ Men's Dip-Dye Joggers - Blue

Nike Club Fleece+ Men's Dip-Dye Joggers - Blue
Brand: Nike
Color: Blue
Size: XS
43.97 EUR 72.99 EUR

Built around the classic comfort you’ve come to expect from our Club Fleece collection, these joggers bring a fresh, faded look. The fluid gradient shift from darker to lighter hues brings a casual dimension to any outfit. Join the Club Fleece feels super soft and has a lightly fluffy feel inside so you can stay warm and comfy. Dip and Drip The dip-dye treatment creates a slow fade from dark to light for a fresh finish on your favourite joggers. Soft Edges A soft elastic waistband with drawcord lets you tighten up for the right fit. Elastic cuffs hug your ankles and let your sneakers shine bright.